Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers (OSUR) is a mix unit (CNRS and Université de la Réunion) located at Saint Denis in La Réunion (French overseas department in Indian Ocean), France. 




With regards to environmental observations, OSU-R includes 4 geophysical stations:

  • the atmospheric observatory at  Maïdo (2160 m asl) on the northwestern part of the island,
  • the coast station on the western coast at Saint Gilles for observations of the reef zone, on the coast line, and on coastal aquifers,
  • the forest station on the southern coast at Saint Philippe for forest ecological observations,
  • the hydrological station in the drainage basin "Rivière des Pluies" over the northern coast.

The stations are managed by research laboratories federated in OSU-R for delivering quality long-term observation data sets, and for promoting trans-disciplinary research.