"Rivière des Pluies" catchment

Limnimeter installed in the flow

Instrumental setup

Catchment of the hydrological station

Range of instruments for the hydrological station

Organization operating the facility OSU-Réunion: LGSR, and UMS 3365. Office de l'Eau
ERORUN station Field station
Geographic coordinates of the facility Lat: 20° 57’ 58.2”, Long 55° 29’ 24.9”, Altitude: 362m asl
Location of facility La Rivière des Pluies, La Réunion, France
Equipment Measurements Network
Hydrological gauging stations Three hydrological gauging stations: water height, discharge/flow, water chemistry and water temperature Office de l'Eau & SOERE RBV
Meteorological stations Thee weather stations: meteorological measurements Météo-F & SOERE RBV