Aerial view of the Maïdo atmospheric observatory

Lidar beam under the moon

Gas and aerosol inlet on the scientific terrace

Aerosol instrumentation

Range of instruments at OPAR

Organization operating the facility OSU-Réunion: LACy and UMS 3365
Maïdo Observatory Ground-based atmospheric observatory for “hands-on” access (research projects, measurement campaigns, intercomparison exercises, workshops)
Geographic coordinates of the facility 21.07960°S 55.38410°E, 2160m asl
Location of facility Maïdo Observatory, 2020, route du Maïdo, Chemin de la Glacière 97423 Le Guillaume, La Réunion, France
Equipment Measurements Network
Lidar Temperature (Rayleigh-Mie-Raman, 2 Yags, 355 nm) NDACC
Lidar Water vapor (Raman, 2 Yags, 355 nm) Candidate NDACC
Lidar Stratospheric ozone lidar (DIAL, Excimer 308 nm, Yag 355 nm) NDACC
Lidar Tropospheric ozone lidar (DIAL, Yag 289 and 316 nm) Candidate NDACC
Lidar Wind (Doppler, Yag 532 nm) CAL/VAL ADM AEOLUS
FTIR Total & partial columns of greenhouse and reactive gases (CH4, N2O, CO, HCl, HF) NDACC (collaboration with IASB, Belgium)
Mobile radiosounding capacity during campaigns Modem or Vaïsala sondes for meteorological parameters, ozone (ECC), water vapor (CFH sonde), aerosols (COBALD or LOAC sonde) NDACC, SHADOZ, GRUAN
In-situ analyser Picarro 4Gaz: CO2, CO, CH4, H2O ICOS
In-situ analyser Picarro WV isotopes: water vapor isotopes Collaboration with LSCE & IRD (Gif/Yvette, France)
In-situ analyser Thermo-E: O3, NOx, SO2 GAW (regional station)
In-situ analyser CPC3775 (Condensation Particle Counter) ACTRIS
In-situ analyser Aethalometer ACTRIS
In-situ analyser Scanotron (SMPS – mini CCNC – CPC3010) ACTRIS
In-situ analyser OPS (Optical Particle Sizer) ACTRIS
Mobile Microtops Multiwavelength optical depth, total aerosol
Disdrometer Drop size distribution and velocity of falling hydrometeors
Lightning detection Lightning stroke positions WWLLN
Rapid Camera Transient Luminous Events (TLE) Collaboration with LA (Toulouse, France)
Fish-eye Camera All sky camera
Radiometer Thermal Infrared Radiometer for cirrus detection Collaboration with LOA (Lille, France)
Optical Depth Sensor Opacity due to dust and cirrus Collaboration with LATMOS (Paris, France)
GPS station Total water vapor column GNSS
Acoustic Antenna Array of microbarometers for infrasound detection Collaboration with CEA/DAM 'Arpajon, France)
Meteorological station Meteorological parameters
Observation facility at University Campus university station
Geographic coordinates of the facility Saint Denis
Location of facility OSU-Réunion, Université de La Réunion, Bâtiment S4B, 15, avenue René Cassin CS 92003, 97744 Saint-Denis Cedex 9, La Réunion, France
Equipment Measurements Network
Spectrometer UV spectrometer NDACC, collaboration with LOA (Lille, France)
Spectrometer Système d'Analyse par Observations Zénithales (SAOZ): mean values of total ozone and nitrogen dioxide both at sunrise and sunset on a daily basis NDACC
FTIR Total & partial columns of many molecules TCCON (collaboration with IASB, Belgium)
Sun Photometer CIMEL Aerosol Optical Depth AERONET (NASA)
Lidar Aerosols (Yag, 355 nm) ACTRIS
Observation facility at Météo-France Gillot station
Geographic coordinates of the facility Airport / Gillot
Location of facility Météo-France station at airport / Gillot
Equipment Measurements Network
Radiosounding capacity Weekly ozone radiosounding NDACC & SHADOZ (NASA)